A link can join two pieces of chain together.

I don't want to hold you back.

He is rich enough to buy a foreign car.

Your support means a great deal to me.


Diabetes is an expensive disease to treat.


I'm going mad.

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Don't smoke here, it's a hospital!

Many begin, but few finish.

You're not a child anymore.

I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon enough.

Maybe you should've said something about this earlier.

With the new project, I might have a very busy week.

That wasn't something I expected.

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Get a move on kids or you'll miss the school bus.

Leila will be OK, won't he?

Handsome is as handsome done.

Tal found them, didn't he?

It's a foregone conclusion.

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At the age of seventeen, he fled his native village.


What is your address?

You're dreaming.

I'll be honest with you.

My mother told me to behave myself.

You need to be extra careful around Sandra.


He will come to see us some day.


They wanted to know everything about Vern.

It's not legal for people under 20 to drink in Canada.

I wish someone would tell me what's going on.

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Are you going to leave me any cookies?


On Sundays, we would get up early and go fishing.

Speak your mind.

I wanted to buy the book.

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He almost erupted in anger.

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Take us there, Liyuan.


The doctors wore white masks over their mouths and noses.


We're friends, not lovers.

The plane is about to fly to Paris.

Don't you want my phone number?

How come you're able to speak this language?

The "Grey Wolves" are a Turkish ultra nationalist movement, neofascist, anti-Kurd, that denies the genocide of the Armenian people.


Try to be as polite as you can when asking directions.


Milo liked horses.

Grab him! Don't let him get away.

Wash the shirt in soapy water and the stains will come out.

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Your cut wound doesn't hurt as much as before, right?

My kid was in the car.

I don't want to bother Bobby.

The evidence was in his favor.

You have to go back.


Nothing's wrong with us.

Everyone's against somebody in war.

Stay as long as you like.

Between you and me, he cannot be relied upon.

A police officer is talking to her.


Most Japanese eat rice every day.

I'll find friends wherever I go.

Betty is good at dealing with children.


It's not like you to complain.

Why would I need one?

Vadim thought about it.

At that time no thought of danger crossed my mind.

Warren lives all alone in the woods.

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She thought of Canada as an ideal country to live in.


What is written on the stone could not have been put there without reason.

You absolutely must not tell my girlfriend about this!

Your watch has been found.

Emily is going to visit her parents.

This necklace of Jane's is a gift from her grandmother.

Is she faultless herself?

Joon didn't seem so busy.

Lou doesn't have these problems.

Come back to bed, Honey.

I barely escaped being hit by the truck.

Not all of the books are instructive.

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Emily is my girlfriend.

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Do I have to write a letter?

What's there to comment on?

We are faced with a difficult choice.

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Tell me what you mean.

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There is no simple road to success.

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Your opinion doesn't matter.

Tell Stan to do what needs to be done.

How many languages have you identified?

I just want peace.

I'll look after her.

You have to choose from different possibilities.

They live in poverty.

There were animals in the farm.

Why are you making such a big deal about it?

I bought a pen, but I lost it.

Will you please explain to me the exact meaning of the word?

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Guido wanted to travel.

No one can be a poet.

I've been crying a lot lately.

Squirrels can run really quickly.

I'll be coming back to Boston soon.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Seeing all the worms wriggling on the corpse made me squirm all over.

I pretended that I did not understand.

Could you leave us alone?

Which box do you like better?

Franklin crossed the lawn to the front door.

I see a lion.

I was skeptical.

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Have you ever had cheese with apple pie?


I'm not sure we have much of a choice.

Sylvan won't go to college.

Is this camera for sale?


He engaged in incest with his younger sister.

They went skiing during their date.

Why don't you let Elijah decide?


With hunger and fatigue, the dog died at last.

Kit's car is the only one in the parking lot.

You're the only person that can persuade him.


It took three years.


The clock says two.

They heard him.

We've had our problems.


The two most famous volcanoes of Italy are Vesuvius and Etna.

I don't have an account at that branch of Tokai Bank.

You're not a city girl, are you?

I heard they offered you Sherri's job.

Tell her which train to catch.

She was the First Lady.

Where did you pick up those old coins?

It's good to be back home.

I may have seen that girl somewhere.

I have got beautiful eyes.

Sharada and I don't know each other.

The hardest part is already over.

Would you like to give it a try?


Are you from the neighbourhood?

Case said he didn't want to talk to me.

I've known Stacey since he was a kid.

I went to see his sister last week.

It's very obvious that he likes her.


It happened that I saw my friend walking in the distance.

Leora is a cut above the rest.

It's actually kind of interesting.


Every nation gets the government it deserves.

I ask that you forgive me.

How can we save them?

He looked pleased.

I am sorry to have taken up your valuable time.

What's up, Matt?

We are carding the wool.

Dalton directed me to the theater.

Mice are the dream of all cats.

Greg is becoming accustomed to living in Boston.

That country has natural resources.

It took quite a while to sort out all our luggage.

Supposing war broke out, what would you do?

He wrung out the dish towel and hung it up to dry.

What are we going to tell him?

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Cory and Revised are still working.

Daren looked around the lunch room to see who was there.

A great many brave men and women will accompany me on the road to victory.

What do you need me to explain?

No one can know everything.


Boeree began work on LFN in 1965, with the goal of creating a simple language. He was inspired by reading about Lingua Franca, a pidgin used around the Mediterranean sea in centuries past.